Swiss Window in Asia Programme (Volume II)
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Swiss Window in Asia Programme (Volume II)

After a successful tour through Shanghai, Beijing & Macau, Swiss Window in Asia (SWAP) was was rebooted in 2017 by Pro Helvetia – The Swiss Arts Council, with the support of Pro Helvetia’s Shanghai office. The main objectives were to expand beyond Greater China and to embed the artists in the regular programmes of festivals and presenters. The curatorial outlook focused on the relationship between audience and artists, often breaking the fourth wall by inviting people on stage or performing in the public sphere.
Fewer but larger artist groups were eventually invited to present their work in Ansan (KR), Bangkok (TH), Busan (KR), Chongqing (CN), Geumcheon (KR), Hanoi (VN), Ho-Chi-Minh-City (VN), Manila (PH), Seoul (KR), Shanghai (CN), Singapore (SG), Suwon (KR), Vientiane (LA), and Yokohama (JP).
The artists featured in this second and final edition of SWAP were Asphalt Piloten, Daniel Hellmann, Foofwa d’Imobilité, and PENG! Palast, representing different stage expressions between contemporary dance, performance and theatre.


Pro Helvetia / Zurich (CH) & Shanghai (CN)


Curator & Producer




curator, producer