Swiss Window in Asia (Volume I)
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Swiss Window in Asia (Volume I)

Swiss Window in Asia was a project developed by Stéphane Noël for Pro Helvetia – The Swiss Arts Council. With the support of Pro Helvetia’s headquarter in Zurich and Pro Helvetia’s Shanghai and Beijing offices, a group of Swiss performance artists was selected and their work shown in Greater China: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Yann Marussich, La Ribot, Martin Schick and 2b company.

The curatorial statement was to present performance artists (from dance and theatre) dealing with visual arts; some address this issue by working on a form close to that of an installation or a “passive” artwork, other approached from the side of the commentary, discussing the context of visual arts with their pieces.

From 13 to 27 March, a caravan of six artists or groups (14 persons in total) presented 29 performances, five workshops and two conferences. This tour took the form of three short festivals over two weeks: at Power Station of Art in Shanghai, at Penghao Theatre in Beijing,and at Ox Warehouse in Macau.


Pro Helvetia / Zurich (CH) & Shanghai (CN)


Curator & Producer




curator, producer