Gaîté lyrique
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Gaîté lyrique

La Gaîté lyrique is the place for cultures in the digital age, whether they are exhibitions, concerts, video games, or take other aspects. La Gaîté lyrique is a place that studies the present and imagines the future. At the crossroads of creative expression, innovation and digital cultures, it transcends genres to explore contemporary music, the visual arts, cinema, games, design, the web… A place of exchange and discovery in the heart of Paris, it prepares the way for new art forms, reflects the excitement of tomorrow, and also hosts the biggest cultural entrepreneur residency program in France.

Stéphane Noël was part of the editorial board in the preparation phase as well as he collaborated on the production and curating of “Berlin Next”, a week of contemporary culture from the German capital.


Gaîté lyrique / Paris (FR)


Editorial & Curatorial Adviser

Years Active



adviser, author, curator