Working as an artist is my most recent venture. I was lucky enough to be invited to collaborate on a documentary and on a feature film and am now developing my own movie project. I have also joined forces to create an art installation featuring robotic artificial intelligences.

Writing has somehow always been in my blood although I did not trust myself to at first. Drawing up entries for art catalogues and then working as a journalist for a newspaper and a radio channel helped me gain confidence. I now enjoy very much penning short essays or fiction, both in French and English.

Over twenty years, I have curated festivals and performing arts events in Europe—mostly, but not only. Furthermore, I probably count amongst the rare t-shirt curators in the world! My experience and expertise has also been used to support other projects such as art platforms, networks and talks.

Production has been at the core of my practice during my whole career, whether it was in recurring, large scale festivals or on smaller, one-off events. Another side of this job was to work closer to individual artists or collectives, supporting them in developing projects and pieces, from administration to fundraising, from promotion to tour management.

A short bio
Born in Switzerland and currently residing between Lausanne and Hong Kong after nine years in Berlin, Stéphane Noël has worked mostly as a producer of contemporary dance, music and theatre. He was also the director of Les Urbaines festival in Lausanne (1997-1998), and the co-director of Belluard festival in Fribourg (2004–2007). His advisory capacities led him to join the artistic and editorial board of Gaîté lyrique in Paris (2009–2011) and act as an advisor for European.Lab, the platform for cultural innovation organised by Arty Farty in Lyons during the Nuits sonores festival (2010–2016) as well as for IETM, international network for contemporary performing arts, based in Brussels (2011-2014). Having spent twenty years in cultural management, Stéphane Noël now also works as a screenwriter (both for feature and documentary films) and as a media artist.